Ok I was pretty pleased with myself for getting out and doing a 5k walk/jog tonight cos I have been struck down with a bloody awful stomach bug for the last two days.  But overall I'm going pretty crap.

I'm having a lot of meh moments about life atm.  My bipolar seems to be kicking in and I feel really tired, stressed, mental and have lost my joy out of most things that usually make me happy.  I know I will get through this phase..(next mood swing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)..

I live to eat..not eat to live.  My weight hasn't changed and won't while I consider lite icecream to be a good diet alternative.  Again, i am too tired to care right now. 

Enough whinging..I can't be bothered even doing that.


Bridge to Brissy
Yay for me! I finished my first 5k fun run in 45 minutes.  I would have gone better I think if i had time to warm up as my legs were very sore for most of the race and only began to warm up in the last k or so.  Still its a pb for me and I'm happy to have completed my first race :)

I am really proud of myself and was very happy to see my kids waiting for me as I crossed the finishing line.  Next year I hope to do the 10k run.

Sunday Brilliant Sunday
What a great day and its only 9.15 am!

Firstly, I find out that my favourite band of all time U2 is coming to Brisbane, Australia to play in December!!! Since i've been a fan for 23 years now this is pretty awesome news for me!

Secondly I have reached my first weightloss goal of 5 kilos.  I'm feeling fitter and am able to run a little now, which is good because i have the 5k race next sunday.  I can't run all of that but I am hoping to run at least half.  Three months ago I couldn't run across my garden!  On Wednesday the local paper interview I did will come out as the run supports Autism and my son and I were interviewed on this cause.

Happy happy joy joy

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Pics of me last November....Collapse )

Haven't been on for a while.  Having some issues with the old bp..(bipolar).  Feel drained of energy and motivation..for everything. 

Echo_wilde has been encouraging me so I have mostly kept up the exercise at least 3 times per week.  I've got the 5k event in 3 weeks so I hope my energy comes back quick. 

Otherwise nothing is happening..well nothing good anyway.  Just bullshit autistic/bipolar/ family dramas.  We all need a holiday... 

Did 5k walk/jog today.  But more importantly I bought new jeans in a smaller size!! (Australian size 14).  Haven't seen that size for a few years now.  Ok they are so tight I'm sure you can see my IUD but they do up and over the next few weeks I will work hard to make them comfy.  I want to get down to a size 12 so I can buy decent clothes of the rack.

Feeling really tired and lethargic at the moment.  Did 5k jog/walk last night.  After a

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5k walk/jog tonight.  Haven't exercised for 2 days as I went away on the weekend.  I found that the jogging was a little easier on the flat tonight and my breathing came easier.  I am trying to jog as much of the hills as I can so maybe thats helping.

Oh yeah..the other day I had lost 1.2kilos!  I am now at 94 kilos. My jeans are feeling looser and I can definately see some muscles!

Did another 5k tonight.  Felt a bit still and sore for the first half - wonder if it is the yogalates DVD I'm crosstraining with?  The second half of my jog/walk felt much better...even managed to jog more on the way back than ever before.  I actually felt muscles working tonight!  Welcome back muscles!!!! You have been missed.

The best thing that happened to me this week was I put down a deposit to book the tour I want to do for my 40th next May.  I am going to India and Nepal for two weeks!!!!  I am really hoping to get fit and look great for my 40th. 

Jogged 2.5k's tonight...legs really sore...very tired after a full day's work as well as 2 hours driving.  Very proud of myself for just getting out there and doing it even if it was a shuffle the whole way round..


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